“We gave each other everything, but when I told him I was pregnant he left me with nothing”
“I just feel worthless”
“Nobody texts me first cause nobody really cares that much”
“I joke about the things that hurt so they don’t think I’m weak”
“Happiness is overrated”
“I haven’t eaten in a week…”
“I don’t understand how anybody can think stuff like this blog are for attention, all these confessions are anonymous, so how can anybody gain anything from it…”
“I trigger myself so I can have an excuse”
“Every time I’m driving I think of all the ways I could end it all and still have everyone think it was an accident”
“I had a crush on my best friend but when she found out she started hating me”
“I’m torn between two perfect people…a boy, and a girl, both of them are perfect in every way, I don’t think It’s possible to choose between them and I think I might end up losing both of them”

Sorry no confession have been posted but my wifi went out AGAIN, but this time it’s back for good and I will post your confessions normally again immediately

“I tell everybody I’m clean…I’m lying”
“I regret waking up every day”
“I feel like one day I’ll break down and give up”