“My mind is in an awful place”
“I don’t want to exist anymore”
“I just got suspended for punching a guy in the face because he was bullying someone and making suicide jokes”
“I miss the feelings you use to give me”
“I’m scared of the future cause I don’t have one”
“I have no reason to be sad, so I don’t understand why I am sad all the time”
“I’m a lesbian and I’ve been dating a girl for seven months and my family doesn’t know, If they found out I’d get kicked out”
“My parents are homophobic and I’m slowly starting to hate them more every day”
“I can’t accept it when people love me, even when I ask for it because I don’t think I deserve it”
“I smashed a mirror because I hated what it showed me”
“I know I’m gonna die by suicide, probably not today, but eventually I’ll give in”
“I don’t even know how to love anymore”
“I just want it to be over already…”
“I’m too lost and I don’t even know if I even want to be found”